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whānau ora 

Claire's role is to listen to what the whānau’s aspirations and goals are and to walk alongside them, putting whānau at the forefront of all their decision making.

Claire see's this as a privilege to be able to tautoko whānau, giving them the opportunity to decide and explain what they want for themselves and their whānau under the umbrella of education of hauora, employment, kai and housing.

Whānau ora awhi could be whānau wanting healthier homes, being heating and or insulation. Hauora education by raising awareness around all types of health promotions via all our Tamawhariua social media pages Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok.

Employment opportunities in the hapori or working towards goals of finding employment for whānau.

Claire can assist whānau with meal planning, kai budgeting, feeding whānau for less or becoming more self-sufficient with kai due to the continued rise in the cost of living in Aotearoa.



Claire Taikato

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