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Services Provided

whānau services

We provide a wide range of services to support our service users to attain Health & Well Being.  We want to ensure that whānau and all individuals, parent, caregivers are better able to manage their personal affairs thereby leading to overall improved interaction and confidence to determine their own destines.  They include:


Whānau Services

-  Adult Mental Health

-  Whānau Ora Kaiarahi ki Katikati

-  Whānau Ora Kaiarahi ki Otawhiwhi

-  Whānau Kai Whakatau

-  Whānau Tautoko

-  Kahu Taurima Māmā & Pepi Awhi

-  Kuia Kaumātua Programme:  Te Roopu Whakatipu Korero

-  Telehealth Doctors Service

-  HBU Mobile Health Waka

-  Financial Mentoring

Rangatahi/Tamariki Services

-  CAYMHS (Child, Adolescent, Youth Mental Health Service)

-  Peer Support & Advocacy

-  Youth at Risk

All our services are delivered through Tūāpapa, an indigenous system of care based on the fundamental concepts of:

PONO - truth, honesty, genuine, sincere and real

TIKA - right, correct, just, fair, accurate and appropriate

AROHA - love, affection, caring, compassion, empathy, kindness, sympathy or joy

These are the means of which mana is demonstrated, enhanced and or restored.

These services are available to any New Zealand resident or resides between Waihi Beach and Whakamarama.

rangatahi/tamariki services

organisation operations

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