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youth at risk

Thomasina Samuels

First and foremost every child has a dream…. I want to wake that dream up, create goals to achieve and guide our rangatahi (youth) on their pathway to achieve just that.

Most whānau are sceptical of the name Youth at Risk and feel that this does not pertain to their tamaiti; my job role is to prevent our rangatahi from being at risk or from becoming a further risk.

Intervention and prevention being my goal for our rangatahi.

My job role is based around (but not limited to) working with rangatahi that have offended or are at risk of re-offending. Advocating for our rangatahi through Te Kooti Rangatahi and the court system.

I also work alongside our rangatahi that are facing challenges and struggles BIG or SMALL, absenteeism and truancy in school, attitude and disrespect within the home, school and the community by using the guide of their goal plan’s and aligning this with their behaviour for a positive outcome.

I can guide and advocate, alongside our Whānau Tautoko for our whānau to be heard in any space that will benefit the wellbeing and the future aspirations of our rangatahi.

My job role is to remove the barrier of thoughts that prevent our rangatahi from seeing their own potential, to empower our rangatahi to move into their identity of oneself.

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